Seth Godin’s altMBA, The Marketing Seminar & Bootstrappers Workshop

Made money in Quixstar

Learned to speak in public from Dale Carnegie & Toastmasters

BJ Fogg’s Behavioral Design Bootcamp

Amazing Selling Machine

Lived in a foreign county for 6 months

Practice mindfulness through Yoga, Meditation and lessons from 
“The Science of Well-being”

Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Workshop

Productive Learning

Know how to through a punch

Been on a movie set and attended a premiere

Jumped out of an airplane on numerous ocassions

Owned a motor cycle and a sailboat

ManKind Project

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and have swam with Blue Reef sharks

Supervisor Skills Certificate Series Part 1 & 2

Create habits because of BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits & Designing  Behaviors Bootcamp

Tiny Habits Coach

Have crowd surfed at a concert

Guardian of two dogs 

Made and kept money in Las Vegas

Learned to sail with the OCC School for Sailing

Became an Eagle Scout

Have gotten out of a speeding ticket

Played a saxophone

Learned I don’t work well until 1pm

Tried hypnosis

Love the movies of Will Ferrell

Learned how to organize from the Berenstain Bears

Have a original drawing from Pinky & The Brain

Built my first computer when I was 12

Understand minimal and essentialism

Have dreamed that my teeth are falling out

Had a radio show and podcast

Make my bed every morning

Am obsessed with Bob’s Burgers

Can build anything from IKEA

Know that excitement and anxiety feel the same

Look forward to rain

Seen the ugly side of Hollywood

Watched The Office end to end 30+ times

Worked at a restaurant owned by the mob

Have over 1100 movies 

Been friends with a celeb

Graduated college

Taken care of an infant for a month

Performed improv for paying audiences

Am okay doing and being alone

Learned to ask questions

Lost money on an idea that doesn’t work

Had my photo taken for a catalog

Read countless self-help books

Been fired from a job

Taught marketing

Win a gold metal in downhill skiing

Take a mini retirement and start over a career

Go through a divorce

Have someone else devote and make money off an idea I also had

Understand that spirituality requires unlearning

Attended a sweat lodge and other ceremonies

Ran with the bulls in Pamplona

Know what it is like to move and make new friends

Survived a four day Vision Quest

Can work from any coffee shop in the world

Can download almost any book for Free

Know what is a healthy diet

Experienced what a “Dark Night of the Soul”

Have repaired old relationships

Spoke at a memorial

Been in love and had my heart broken

and know what it like to struggle...