Let's Work Together

Are you missing interacting with other humans? 

Join other humans for coffee & co-working daily at 8am – 9am PST. We will then circle back again at 2pm – 3pm PST — let’s get to work!

How this works
We will spend a few minutes to check-in with each other.
We will go around and share what we are going to work on for 25 minutes (based on the "Pomodoro" productivity hack).
We will all stay on Zoom (you can mute yourself) while we work.
After 25 minutes, we will take a break and share what we accomplished.
Cost? Free!

Every day, we will have opportunities to meet at 8am-9am PST and again at 2pm – 3pm PST — let’s connect.


Send me your questions by clicking below.




If you provide your email, I will send you a reminder of upcoming events

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